Honey & Spice Throat Coat is a quick and efficient way to help reduce spring congestion.  In this formula, turmeric, ginger and black pepper invigorate, warm, and circulate the blood. This has the effect of flushing fluids and drying them up. Invigorating the blood also tends to open up the lungs.  Honey heats and breaks up mucus. It also provides a quick burst of energy. Its thick texture allows the healing spices to linger and coat the throat. Caution -this formula aggravates pitta.

To a tablespoon of honey mix
2 pinches turmeric
2 pinches black pepper
2 pinches dried ginger

This remedy is designed to simply be licked from the spoon.  Taken over a 15 minute period it ensures the back of the throat feels the heat from the spices.  Repeat up to 3 times a day.  Make the remedy in individual portions as you need it.