It’s not easy being a human being, especially when so many of us have been human “doings” for most of our adult lives.  It is so important to take the time to stop doing doing doing all the time and be a human being every now and then, it improves quality of life and could even extend it!  Not only that if someone takes care of themselves, they become radiant as their health shines from within and they are more likely to be living the life they would like to be living.
So many people say after they have a massage with us that they had no idea they were so tight and that their body was so stiff.  We go about our daily lives in our minds and are always doing doing doing.  We carry ourselves the same way all the time and many of us are at computers and driving a lot throughout the day.  Bring your attention to your shoulders…are you holding them in position?  Or are they completely relaxed down and the neck soft?  Our bodies are taken for granted and expected not to complain.  So many of us only have awareness of our bodies if there is a strong sensation such as pain or poor digestion bringing our mind’s attention to it and when that arises there is a pill to take to numb the sensation.  But it is long before the pain starts that the body needs to be nurtured and looked after.  The pain is the body crying out to be listened to.  Once the ache or pain starts it takes a longer time to bring the body back to its normal self again.  So if there’s a niggle or poor digestion or your body is whispering to you, listen! Because if you don’t listen now, it’ll keep talking,  until it makes you stop.

Taking the time to simply be helps us to develop an awareness of our body and mind’s well-being and is a huge step in taking control of your health and having a fun, happy, fulfilling life.  Developing awareness does not have to involve becoming a hermit and meditating night and day.  Just a few simple and most often pleasant habits incorporated into your routine can help hugely.  Below I have listed a few things that can help you look after your body on a regular basis.  After all you take your car for servicing and you can even get a new one of those when it wears out….what about your body?  What about your mind that you see this life through?   You ain’t gettin new ones, so look after your body and mind complex!!
So many people have no idea of the tension they are holding until they come in and have a  Full body massage with Ayurvedic Oils or  Abhyanga.  They think they are a little stiff in the shoulders or neck.  When they leave they feel utter relief at how much better they feel.  Regular massage will improve your health and quality of life and your beauty will radiate from within.  I know I always go on about how beneficial Ayurvedic massage is but I’m going to say it again.  I’ll give you the abridged version this time!!
  • Relieves tension in stiff, tired, sore muscles
  • Improves circulation in the body (biologically as well as your awareness!)
  • Provides a purifying and cleansing influence to all the systems in the body, aiding in the elimination of toxins
  • Creates a stabilizing and balancing effect on Vata.
  • Relieves stress and calms the nervous system
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Enhances immunity
  • Leaves you feeling great and ready for life!!
Ok, I’ll stop now – I did say it was the abridged version!
If there is pain present don’t try to forget about it or mask it with pain killers (and please don’t blame age!)- the body will start to compensate in other areas and aches will show up elsewhere too. Petra pinda svedanam is a soothing oil treatment where we massage a bolus of pain management herbs dipped in soothing, heated pain management oil on to stiff, sore, tired muscles.
Good quality sleep is vital for health.  If you aren’t sleeping well or can’t get to sleep close to the ideal time of 10pm, don’t ignore this.  Your body and mind will just get more exhausted as time goes by and it will become more difficult to address.  Shirodhara  quietens the mind and pacifies the nervous system to aid in easing tension, anxiety and stress.  It can deepen your awareness bringing you to a blissful state.  It enhances sleep quality and aids in insomnia too.
You don’t have to be a budding yogi, flexible or under a certain age to try and get huge benefits from Yoga!  Anyone can do it and it gives a wonderful awareness of how the body is really doing. Even some gentle stretches in the morning and evening helps a lot.  Not only does it help release tension and open the body, it brings your attention to your body.  You can ask your body how it’s really feeling.
Breathe – many of us are unaware of our breath for most of the day.  By bringing awareness to the breath we are brought to the present moment and the mind’s attention is focused in the now.
The food we eat and how our body digests it plays a huge role in our fundamental wellness.  More on this next month.
By simply stopping, taking time out from doing doing doing all the time we can begin to hear what is really going on for us.  We begin to listen to and trust the innate wisdom (buddhi) that we all have.  We are then open to making any changes necessary to improve our health and well being.  Take a moment to just be – we are human beings after all, not human doings!