Spring is such a wonderful time of year.  The stretch in the day, the buds peeping through.  Why then do some of us feel like cranky bears waking up after a long winter?  Kapha season.  Even though my constitution has very little Kapha, there are days in early spring when I am groggy in the morning and feel congested and my mind is foggy.  Heavy, slow and damp Kapha dosha is reigning our weather and our bodies this season.Early Spring is a watery season full of dramatic shifts from warm to cold temperatures, often within the same day.  It’s a challenging time of year to stay balanced.  A rainy or cold spring day could catch us unaware, unprepared, or in stubborn denial once ‘spring fever’ sets in. On such days, a deep chill compromises our immune system and could quickly lead to flu symptoms. Conversely, a warm spring day triggers a surge in the release of winter fats, thickening and congesting the blood.  Because Kapha dosha governs the structure and fluids in our body, a spring day can unearth any mucus in the body.  Below I have listed some things we can do to maintain balance this Kapha season.  Avoid a heavy, congested spring and bounce out of winter into the sunlight!!  If your predominantly Kapha dosha, try to adhere to these strictly until May.

If you are unsure of your constitution, take our simple quiz (scroll down on this page).

According to Ayurveda when the transition from winter to spring begins we are entering Kapha season.  Changes in nature always leads to changes in our bodies.  Heavy, wet and cold by its nature, Kapha reigns our world from February to May.  It influences everything in our lives from energy levels to sleep quality, from body weight to mood.  While every living thing is comprised of all five elements – ether, air, fire, water and earth, there is usually a predominance of 1 or 2 in each individual’s constitution.  This is your dosha.  Kapha dosha is the earth and water elements.

Kapha season is a time for cleansing and eating more detoxifying foodsBeets, bitter greens, apples, pomegranates, millet, buckwheat, aduki beans, ghee and most spices are all good choices for eliminating excess kapha.  This is a time to pare back your diet and reduce dairy, heavy foods and any kind of comfort eating.

Find comfort instead in deep, invigorating Ayurvedic massages and nadis svedanam.  These will help to wake the body up boosting circulation and stiffness after the winter months.  It helps to boost the lymphatic system too clearing the body of congestion and toxin the body releases after winter.  When we rub and press the body we help break up the accumulated toxins and impurities that have localized in the tissues. The motion also creates heat and friction and increases the flow of fluids through the blood and lymph vessels. This helps to cleanse and open these important channels of circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Deep cleanse your sinuses with the nasya therapy.  This is one of Ayurveda’s panchakarma therapies.  Panchakarma is a deep cleanse most beneficial at the juncture between winter and spring and summer and autumn.  This will help to strengthen sinus, throat and ear areas helping to prevent infections, reduce symptoms of allergies and many other imbalances that affect our heads.

Kapha balancing tonic taken twice daily will help those of us who struggle through this time of year.  If you find it difficult to get up and go and find that you are congested more often than not, this will help you through to summer.  Medohar tonic helps to boost a sluggish metabolism and remove toxins aiding in natural weight loss.

Do not stay in bed!  No matter how cosy you are, get up!  Lying on only increases the heaviness and dullness of kapha.  Getting up at 6am is ideal for this time of year.  A few simple stretches in the morning will help you wake up.

Commit to exercise.  No matter what it is, commit to daily exercise, be it a hike, cycling to work/school, yoga. Kapha by it’s nature is heavy, cold and damp, so we need to get moving.  If you don’t have time, get up and do it in the morning, the best time for Kapha to exercise.