Hazel Branagan

Tel : 087 2733098
Hazel has been practicing yoga for almost 20 years and teaching for 10.   Her practice intensified while studying Ayurveda and Yoga in Jaipur Rajasthan in 2004.  Having tried many different styles she really found her seat in Vinyasa Flow.  It incorporates strong alignment principles which allow the body to function at its optimum and ensure a safe yoga practice and body awareness.

When we have established a firm foundation in these, we can play with the flowing aspects.  The Vinyasa Flow teacher training course with David Curtis in 2008 deepened her practice even further making yoga an even bigger part of her life.  She completed a second extensive teacher training course with Dave Curtis in 2010.  She trained annually with senior Iynegar teachers, the Chanchani’s in Dehradun, India and continued her Ayurvedic studies in Chakrapni Ayurvedic Clinic until the birth of her son in 2013.   Since then, Hazel has furthered her Ayurvedic studies under the guidance of Dr David Frawley and attending seminars with Dr Vasant Lad and continued to study Yoga with her teacher David Curtis.  Recently she had the privilege of completing a 30 hour training under the guidance of Ramaswami, the last tong term living student of Sri T. Krishnamacharya and continues to study with Stephen Brandon, Ramaswami’s senior UK Vinyasa Krama teacher.

Yoga is beyond a physical practice, it is a tool for transformation.  Not only does yoga bring health and vitality to our lives,  it also helps us to find courage and strength to surf life’s waves, helping us to learn more about who we really are.  Although Hazel’s classes are strong and dynamic she has a keen interest in the powers of restorative yoga.

Hazel set up the Samadhi centre in 2005 where she does Ayurvedic consultations and treatments and teaches yoga.  While pregnant with her son, Hazel studied prenatal yoga with Uma Dinsmore-Tully in the UK.  After the birth of her son, she believes even more strongly in the power of yoga and the powers of the body.  Yoga is beneficial to us all but it is an invaluable tool for Mum’s to be.  Pregnancy yoga will bring awareness to your breathing and your body to help you feel empowered and confident through pregnancy, labour and motherhood. It will help you steady your emotions and cope with the amazing transformation your body is experiencing.


Eileen Murphy

Tel : 087 9927548
Eileen began practising yoga in 1997. Her experience of the benefits which came from practising yoga led her on to do teacher training with Yoga Training and Therapy Centre under Marie Quail (2005-2007). The emphasis in her classes is on developing a self-awareness and working towards experiencing the energy released by practising the asanas.

The students experience a rejuvenating and relaxing practice. Her commitment is to setting up a guarded safe space in which students can take time out to connect with themselves and to nurture themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Her aim is to share the wonderful, joyful experience of practising yoga. Students are encouraged to work at their own personal level while being challenged in a safe environment. Eileen completed a Y.T.T.C. Level 2 teacher training course under Paddy Hamill (Y.T.T.C. Lisburn) in 2010.

Peter Nelson

Tel : 083 4142944
Peter Nelson has been practicing Yoga for almost 8 years. As a serious runner he came to Yoga thinking it would provide a once a week good stretch, however it has become much more than that. It has provided him with more strength, flexibility and especially focus and stillness of mind that he has brought to not only to his running but also to his daily life. Because of this change Peter decided to become a Yoga Teacher and trained with Dave and Laragh Cunningham of The Yoga Shala, Galway.

Peter is Yoga teacher with The Yoga Shala which up until now has been based in the Galway region. The Yoga Shala specialises in a style of yoga which is inspired by our teachers in Yoga Synergy, Australia. It is flowing style of yoga, suitable for those who have not tried yoga before or have injuries, but is also challenging for those more familiar with a regular physical practice such as professional dancers, elite athletes and advanced yoga practitioners.
The Yoga Shala works with Connacht Rugby and Galway Hurlers who have found great benefit in the practice of synergy in both improving performance, flexibility and reducing the risk of injury.

Peter has taught yoga to different group including and athletes, kids classes, kids with Autism and a program of classes with Croi: the West of Ireland Heart and Stroke Charity. Peter also specilises in Gentle Yoga Classes and Yoga for less stress for all ages and abilities where the emphasis is on relaxation, awareness, breathing techniques and very gentle movement.

Aisling Milne

Tel : 087 2363187
Aisling has practiced yoga for over 10 years, completed 500-hour teacher training, in Dublin and New York, and also works as a nurse in Tallaght Hospital. After completing a 200-hour teacher training with Ciara Cronin in the Yoga Room, Aisling moved to New York to expand her yoga experience. She studied at Yoga Works Soho to complete a 300-hour teacher training but also completed specialist training in children’s and pre-natal yoga at children-only yoga studio Karma Kids.

Aisling uses her nursing experience to modify positions to make yoga accessible for everyone- regardless of fitness, flexibility or injury. Her Vinyasa-style classes focus on alignment, but with many variations they remain challenging and the mat becomes a safe space for the yoga student to enjoy practicing. The individual needs of Aisling’s students inspire her to evolve her classes – no two classes feel the same!

Sue Paffrath

Tel : 083 0063650
I discovered yoga over 15 years ago but did not start a dedicated and regular practice until I came in contact with the Ashtanga Vinyasa system in 2007. My main practice is Ashtanga but I also attend regular Vinyasa flow classes adding an experimental and creative perspective to my practice.

I have completed a 500 hour teacher training Diploma with Yoga Therapy Ireland, which is accredited with the Yoga Alliance. In addition to this, I have attended many workshops with some of the finest international teachers including Danny Paradise, David Williams, David Swenson, Brian Cooper, Ana Forest, Claire Missingham and Adri Kyser. I am a Renal Nurse, with an honours degree in Natural Science from Trinity College Dublin.

I whole heartedly believe in the incredibly transformative nature of yoga, a practice which has become an integral part of my life. As a practitioner, I have first-hand experience of the many enriching aspects of yoga including; stress reduction and relaxation, improved strength and flexibility, increased focus, concentration, clarity and equanimity, greater breath and body awareness, and in general, better coping skills with life’s stresses.

My classes are designed for mixed abilities. Classes start off gently from the floor, smoothly building to a flowing vinyasa practice which incorporates standing postures, balances and seated postures, finishing with relaxation, and time allowing some meditation and breath work.

Dagmara Jerzak

Tel : 085 1765473
In this morning Pilates class Dagmara will be focusing on working with the main six principles of the Pilates method: centering, concentration, flow, control, precision and breath. In her classes she draws from her experience as a contemporary dancer and movement practitioner building a class where these elements from different practices compliment each other allowing participants to develop better body awareness. A lot of the movement will be executed rather slowly with the breath, giving time and space to maintain focus and precision. This class is suitable for everyone who wants to improve their posture, flexibility and strengthen their core muscles.

Ashling Hendrick

Tel : 085 8270135
Ashling has been teaching yoga since 2003 and became a certified Iyengar yoga teacher in 2005. She completed her teacher training at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of Amsterdam, Holland. Over the years she has studied with many International and Senior teachers in India, Ireland, Holland, USA and believes that she will be a student for life.
Iyengar Yoga focuses on extension and alignment, using props where necessary to help achieve the asana, classes will help to build strength, flexibility,stability and mental calm. All levels are welcome, Ashling has a very hands on approach.
Come stretch, bend, extend and smile!!

Niamh Dean

Tel : 087 2057190
Biography and Yoga Philosophy
I spent my youth ballet dancing, every evening after school and all day Saturday. I have a deep sense of body awareness built up over many years of Ballet, Yoga and other movement based classes – Barre, Pilates, Adult Ballet classes. Yoga is the one discipline that combined life for me. It is not just a physical practice but one of the mind, body and spirit and it is through a heightened body awareness that one can learn to really integrate the benefits of yoga that are so commonly referred to – calming the nervous system, reducing anxiety, dealing with the stresses of everyday life. The focus required through Asana (postural) practice refines the body and sharpens the mind. The yoga practitioner can step away from the monkey mind, focusing energy, mind and breath in their practice.

Coming from a corporate background I know too well the stresses of working life. I was in fact drawn to yoga as a means of helping me balance my hectic working life and running a home with three young children. I am very passionate about yoga and it has provided me with a toolkit for life. I have trained for 180 hours with the Irish Yoga Association and went on to complete a further 200 hr Yoga Alliance teacher training certificate in The Yoga Room. I trained with Ciara Cronin, Eithne Kennedy and Aisling Conn in The Yoga Room. I continue to train and learn with amazing tutors most recently with Amy Ippoliti and Sibylle Dallman. I have also completed a Chair Yoga CPD course and really believe that yoga is adaptable for everyone. I teach a yoga flow with a focus on alignment, conscious mindful movement and working with the breath and a heightened sense of body awareness.